14 Interesting and Elegant Lace Fashion Combination

Hi there, I found some interesting and elegant lace fashion combination that i wanted to share with you for today post. I’ve already talked about how to diy lace in different ways for example in this post where i’m talking about diy t shirt with lace sleeves. There are so many ways how to wear lace. It can be simple lace dress, elegant long dress, or just lace pencil skirt. Go ahead and find out all 14 lace fashion combination.

Lace dress

This is one combination used from wedding dress, where you can add some lace on the back of the dress. This one is even ornate with some stones or zircons.But you have to agree that this lace back look simple fantastic.


5 Lace fashion dress

Check out all these chick, elegant and sexy white lace dresses. It can be wear all time, it doesn’t mean that it should be only summer lace dress or wedding dress, you can freely wear it for city walk, going out on the dinner or even for some party. It can be chick and sexy in the same time.





4 Lace fashion jeans and leggings

This is other way how you can use lace for refashioning old jeans. For example it can be with attaching black lace tapes on white jeans. Another way is to add white lace on blue petrol jeans, where first you will cut off some peaces and add some lace instead of that parts. I add to this part also some white and black lace leggings.





5  Lace fashion combinations

And last but not least, some  other 5 lace fashion combinations for wearing lace in different ways.






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