5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

Summer is close enough and we are already dreaming of white sand, blue sea and refreshing cocktails. But before the real hot days are here, you should have a look at these 5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas. Flip Flops are an essential accessory for the summer and can pair with almost everything. It suits well with bikini, shorts and dresses. You can personalize them so that they can match your new outfit.

We have found 5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas which are the neatest and easiest ways for you to DIY your own summer flip-flops and sandals. They are all really easy and there’s something in here for every occasion. Need something fun and colorful to wear to the beach? Check out these great ideas and pick your favorites.

  1. Flip Flops with pearls – Used materials: flip flops, decorative pearls, sewing kit and silk ribbon.

    Wrap the straps of the flip flops with satin or silk tape and fasten them to the edges using a needle and thread. Once you’ve enfold the whole strap, start alternately folding the front, so that you get a triangle base. Fix firmly the thread does not slip. Sew the pearls over the tape in your preferred way.

    8 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

    Flip Flops with Pearls

    Source: CrnoBelo

  2. Key West Flip Flops

    You have to have a pair of flip flops that have the discs holding the top part on, on the back. Now flip over the shoes, and cut off that disc with an exacto knife.  If you go at an angel they come right off.  Do this on all three, and pull the top off. Now you have a clean slate!  Oh the things you could do!  I see beads, fabric, rope…

    5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

    Key West Flip Flops

    Source: themotherhuddle

  3. Buttoned Down Flip-Flops

    Some colorful buttons, a little glue and an old pair of flip-flops later and you have these adorable and really colorful shoes that you are sure to love wearing. These are so easy to do. You literally just sew buttons on ribbon and then attach that to your shoes. You can do really colorful or choose a color theme, whatever you want. The point is that this little DIY project turns those boring old plain flip-flops into a pair of beautiful shoes that you are certainly going to want to show off this summer. Plus, this is a great way to get rid of all of those mismatched buttons in your sewing box.

    5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

    Buttoned Down Flip Flops

    Source: scrapbookandcardstodaymag

  4. Ribboned Flip-Flops

    Who would have thought that wrapping ribbon around flip-flops and gluing on a cute bow would make them so adorable? These are super easy and if you have a few craft supplies on hand, they may not actually cost anything. You need some ribbon, in whatever color or design you want, and a hot glue gun. Once you have the ribbon wrapped around the straps, just choose your adornment for the top. The satin bow gives them a really elegant look but if you want something a bit more fun or casual, just use old jewels or anything you have on hand.

    5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

    Ribboned Flip Flops

    Source: thecraftyninja

  5. Extraordinary and Elegant Flip-Flops

    You wouldn’t really wear your everyday flip-flops to a wedding, would you? If you turn them extraordinary, you can. These flip flops cost less than $5 to make, including the flip-flops and take just about five minutes. You just need the flip-flops, embellished ribbon that you can get at your local craft store, Gorilla Glue or a hot glue gun and something for embellishment. These are so gorgeous and really would look great with semi-formal attire. You can do them in whatever color you need and decorate them however you want.

    5 DIY Flip Flop Ideas

    Extraordinary and Elegant Flip-Flops

    Source: sweetcharli

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