6 DIY Lace Refashion T Shirt Ideas

For day 94 i choose again DIY Lace Refashion T Shirt project. I already talked about lace refashion many times in some previous post, you can check them up in t shirt refashion idea with lace sleeves or in  t shirt lace sleeves project or making some lace dresses. But today i will share with you 6 interesting  lace refashion ideas.

For this DIY Lace Refashion T Shirt project you will need: some lace bands, or whatever lace piece that you have, old t shirt, scissors, yarn and needle, or sewing machine.

1. Lace refashion idea at front.

All you need to do is to cut of the sleeves of the t shirt and the neck part just as shown on the picture bellow. Than make a triangle in the middle front part. On the same place on the front where is your tummy place the lace piece from the upside down and sew it. It is simple and easy making project.


2 and 3 Lace refashion idea on the back.

more and less this is similar to the previous idea, it is just a way of remodeling the back part of the t shirt.  You can try combining different collors like white lace on black t shirt as shown on the picture bellow.


4 and 5 are two other combination for wearing t shirt lace in different casual and elegant way.


6 tha last choice goes to this back lace t shirt. It is realy simple and sexy lace fasion combination. In the same time it is elegant and sporty fasion t shirt That you can eear gor all occasions. When im talking abot lace i think it can be just infinitive talk. I constantly find some interesting lace fashion style and normaly i instantly start rhibking for sharing it here. if you try some of these ideas or have some other that you want to share with us, be free to write it here or contact me direktlym


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