8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

When it comes to fashion and clothing, there’s absolutely no reason to love a good style hack. Especially if all it takes is a few simple cuts and ties, and not a sewing machine at all. Here are 8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials that will let you create stunning pieces of fashion and transform your wardrobe with the most basic skills. In this article we’ve taken some of the best tutorials that you can find and put it in one place. Just to make it easier for you.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials just for you! 10 minutes a day is all you need to make something creative.

Each of these 8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials are incredibly amazing. These clothing hacks are gorgeously crafted designs that will not only amaze you, but everyone else who sees you flaunting them. You are free to add your own creativity to them and make the robe reflect you!

1. DIY No-Sew Cardigan

If an old shirt with colors and patterns that you absolutely love doesn’t fit you perfectly anymore, you don’t have to discard it. Instead, you can transform it into something new, that too without the hassle of complicated sewing. This tutorial teaches you how to turn a tee into a cardigan in just a few minutes, by cutting down the middle and using hem tape to create straight sides.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: Instructables

2. No-Sew Yarn Infinity Scarf

If you have ever tried to pick up knitting and it just didn’€™t take, here’€™s a super easy yet amazing way. Use up that yarn with no sewing or knitting skills necessary! You can create a lovely yarn scarf at home using some basic material and two chairs. The only steps you need to know to make this colorful and cozy scarf are wrap, knot, twist, and lastly some clever cutting and gluing.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: Instructables

3. No-Sew T-Shirt Bow Sleeves

Bow sleeved t-shirts are a great way to get that off-shoulder look for you or your daughter. This absolutely quick, no-sew hack offers a truly amazing way to restyle a t-shirt. It will let you achieve a fun, cute and fashionable look. All you need to make these bow sleeves are a t-shirt, a pair of scissors, some machine washable glue, measuring tape, and just 10 minutes of your time.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: Creating Laura

4. No-Sew Lattice Stud T-shirt DIY

Through this awesome DIY project, Wobisobi shares how to turn a plain t shirt into a piece of more fashionable clothing, a fancy lattice stud tee at a fraction of the price. And yes, the project doesn’t require any sewing or stitching. All you need to do is to cut, tie, and bind which makes this one just perfect and cost-friendly for those who love to stylize things on their own.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: Wobisobi

5. No-Sew Easy Swimsuit Cover Up

DIY beach cover up to complement your bikini outfit can be one of the most fun-filled projects for the fashionista in you who loves to wear and flaunt handmade clothing. But, using just a hot-glue gun and spending only around $7 to make a gorgeous swimsuit cover up yourself without any sewing required at all seems too good to be true. But, this tutorial makes the job utterly easy and quick to perform.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: Watch Out For The Woestmans

6. No-Sew Open Back Sweater DIY

If you are planning to up-style your winter wardrobe, then this no-sew clothing hack can help you add a unique element to your collection. Using one of your old sweaters you can make a lovely open back sweater that you can absolutely flaunt this season. Bringing this DIY idea to life is so simple that if you know how to cut a straight line, you are all set to begin with it!

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: In Honor of Design

7. DIY Lace Shorts

Nowadays, lace is totally in-trend and is being used by top-notch designers in their fashion pieces. Use a pair of the old shorts and transform them into a gorgeous-looking lacey stuff with this easy-to-do DIY tutorial that guides you through the project without any sewing required at all. The lace gives your shorts a really elegant look.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: Clones N Clowns

8. Safety Pins DIY t-shirt

Ideal for sporting at a rock event or making a truly funky mark on the casual days, a crop DIY t-shirt flaunting a cool pattern made with safety pins is something truly worth loving. Learn to create this rocking tee for yourself with this tutorial that let’s you rejuvenate nearly any regular shirt. The added benefit is that you can use your hubby or boyfriend’s tees too.

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

Source: 2ndfunniestthing

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