8 Ways To Refashion Your Wedding Dress

Whether it’s a prom dress or a wedding dress, a lot of women have that piece of formal clothing that they no longer wear. Since wedding dresses tend to have that emotional value, selling it may not be an option. This just creates clutter in your closet especially if you don’t intend to wear it anymore.

Why not turn your old wedding dress into something useful instead? Maybe you could turn it into a stylish cocktail dress or a fun summer top. Here are a few ideas to help you refashion your formal dress:

  1.  Vintage wedding dress turned boho coat – If you have a vintage wedding dress from your grandmother that you don’t intend to wear, you can give it a modern makeover. Cut it right down in the middle, add some lace trimming, and you have a boho-inspired coat. This would be
    perfect for the summer or for a hip music festival the likes of Coachella. Wear it with lace and denim shorts and a tank top for the perfect summer look. Add a straw hat or a flower headband to complete the outfit.
    Source: Saucy Sprinkles
  2. Hike up the hemline – If you have a wedding dress or prom dress that isn’t too dressy, all you need to do is make it knee-length for a daytime dress. You might have a dress that’s minimal without too many embellishments. The only thing that’s preventing you from wearing it is that it’s too long. You can just hike up the hemline, make it knee-length and wear it for brunch or for a fun night out with a sequined jacket.
    Source: Junkaholique on Pinterest
  3. Dye it – For those of you who have a short wedding dress that could be perfect for a cocktail dress, simply dying it could work wonders. Pick out a color that flatters you and just turn your classy wedding dress into something you can wear for an evening out. You could even wear it as a bridesmaid’s dress for your friend’s wedding. Maybe you can add some sequins or embellishments but the dress would do just fine without that.
    Source: Young House Love
  4. Crop it and dye it – Repurpose your mermaid style wedding dress into a cocktail dress by shortening it and then dying it. You can just hike up the hemline to the desired length and then dye it in a color of your choice. If you’re not much of a seamstress, go to a professional one or get help from your friends. Maybe you could even use the extra piece of cloth for a belt in a contrasting color.
    Source: Seamstresserin
  5. From ball gown to zombie bride – If you feel there’s absolutely no way to refashion your princess ball gown, think again. It might be too time-consuming and complicated to create something wearable out of a big, layered ball gown. But you can still create something useful out of it. Get some fake blood, rub some soot along the edges, and you have yourself a scary zombie bride Halloween costume. You can also do the same thing with other designs of wedding gowns.
    Source: Pinterest
  6. A prom dress for your daughter – Make the most of your old wedding dress by turning into a vintage prom dress for your daughter. Maybe you could fix the sleeves and hike up the hemline a wee bit before dipping it in dye. Opt for pastels like robin’s egg blue or cotton candy pink for the perfect prom dress.
    Source: Lisa Golightly
  7. Create a formal day dress – While a wedding dress is technically a formal dress, no one wears it for a formal event unless it’s their wedding. You could turn your old wedding dress into something that’s more appropriate for daytime wear and is still formal. Maybe you could fashion it with a different material as the bottom half of the dress and turn the extra cloth into a purse and a belt.
    Source: Threading My Way
  8. From wedding dress to wedding dress? – Just like everyday fashion, wedding dress trends also change year by year. A dress that looked great 10 years ago may not be so today. If your wedding is coming up and you’re worried about what to wear, why not refashion your mother’s wedding dress? You could put a completely modern twist with the help of a seamstress and turn it into your dream wedding dress. This is also a great way to save money, as you’ll only need to buy some extra material and embellishments for the project.
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