97 DIY T-shirt refashion

We all have those over-sized tees as a free gift or some stored somewhere from the old days. It’s something you would never wear out. Other than tossing it or sleeping in it, here’s one idea to make it nice and wearable. Here we go again with our 97 DIY T-shirt refashion. It will take no time; you will have fun and make yourself a new piece of cloth that you can wear out.

It’s the simplest ideas that make a beautiful outcome.  Find a nice t-shirt that you don’t wear and enjoy our 97 DIY T-shirt refashion article.

97 DIY T-shirt refashion

Over-sized t-shirt

Here are the things you need for this DIY project: an over-sized t-shirt, scissors, a piece of thick lace or ribbon. There is a little bit of sewing, so get a sewing kit.

  1. Find a piece of thick lace detail or ribbon and pin it around the collar of the t-shirt.

    97 DIY T-shirt refashion

    Adding lace around the collar

  2. Hand stitch or use a sewing machine to go around the top and bottom. (Be careful not to sew both sides of the t-shirt together).

    97 DIY T-shirt refashion

    Sewing the lace around the collar

  3. Cut straight lines into the angles of the t-shirt collar so that the remnant parts are easy to fold down. Then stitch the folded t-shirt pieces down behind the collar. The additional layers help to give your faux collar more support.

    97 DIY T-shirt refashion

    Cut around the lace

  4. Cut the sleeves off in a curve and tuck the remnant pieces behind the faux collar.

    97 DIY T-shirt refashion

    Cut the sleeves

  5. Try it on! If the t-shirt feels too baggy or the arm holes are too large, just sew two lines down the side of the t-shirt to make it fit better.

    97 DIY T-shirt refashion

    Final look

And there you have it! A quick up-cycled t-shirt.

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