Animal nails design in different colors

Again my inspiration for nail design become animals. So in this post i’ll share some interesting animal nails design in different colors.

1.Animal nails design with cute kitties


First choice is white and black combination of nail polish. Despite interesting black dots, try to draw smiley cute kitty.

2 -3. Animal nails design with owls

And here two different colors tutorials for animal nails design with owls. For the first one, after but blue base coat, draw two stripes for the legs. Than with pink nail draw fat circle and of the top put two tufts. In the inside part put first with yellow nail polish two circles and above two smaller dark circles. In the middle put some nose. And bellow on the belly you can put small hearts.Paint two small wings on each side.Enjoy it 🙂


This is another way how to make owls nails art.


4. Cow animal nail art

For this nail art first put white base coat.Than use some stamp to draw cow black dots on every nail, and skip the accent nail.On that nail draw with pink nail varnish half-circle and put two black dots for the nostrils. And above that in the middle draw another two black dots for the eyes of the cow. At the end don’t forget the top coat.


5.Piggy animal nails design

For this design you will need pink color as base coat. After that with white nail varnish draw on the above part of the nail two circle and with darker pink make the piggy nose. After it is dry enough, with black polish put some extra dots above them to complete the picture. Its look fussy but nice.



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