Apple Nails Design In Various Colors

For today i choose nail design based on apple fruit imagination.It looks like not all fruit nail design should be reserved only for summer days. I try and i notice that i can wear this apple nails design with more combination than i image.

1.Red apple nails design

The first choice is simple red nail art, that covers more and less half of your nail. And to get even more realistic look use this design, where it is used dark nail polish to draw stalk and with minimal green leaf you

apple nails design

2. Green apple fruit nails

And of course other color for apples is green.This nail design look more fancy and glossy, cause apart from green nail polish  is used some glitter polish.I don’t like so much jazzy look but i kind of like this, it interesting and it can suit in either sporty or more elegant green outfit.

apple nails design green

3.Colorful apples

This is another interesting nail art, where it with white, green and red nail polish it is achieved funky effect.

apple nails design red

4.White base

Here the effect is gained with simple white nail varnish.On the top of it, the apples are freely negligently drawn, but at  the end you get interesting look.

apple nails design red and white

5.Apple nails design in yellow

Last but not least, the story wouldn’t be completed if there is nothing about yellow nail polish.So for that i choose this nail art with yellow dots and small red-green apples.

apple nails desing yellow

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