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Perfect Summer Nail Art Ideas

Recently we have been talking only about summer clothes, all kinds of DIY designs, beach clothes etc. It’s time that we pay attention to nail design, accessories, beach supplies. But, let’s take it step by step and start off with some Perfect Summer Nail Art Ideas. While preparing your best summer dress you should also

Navy blue nail art design

It’s been a long times since our last DIY nail tutorial. I’ve recently seen a beautiful navy dress out in a store and I realized that navy is never out fashioned too. It came up to my mind that it would look great as nail art. Those cute little details are always so important and

Easy Nail Art Designs

Easy Nail Art Designs Nail art has become such an important part of every woman’s life. Even young little girls want to have cute nail art on their nails. If you are also a fan of nail art then you will find the today’s post very helpful. You can find step by step photos which

Animal nails design in different colors

Again my inspiration for nail design become animals. So in this post i’ll share some interesting animal nails design in different colors. 1.Animal nails design with cute kitties First choice is white and black combination of nail polish. Despite interesting black dots, try to draw smiley cute kitty. 2 -3. Animal nails design with owls

Apple Nails Design In Various Colors

For today i choose nail design based on apple fruit imagination.It looks like not all fruit nail design should be reserved only for summer days. I try and i notice that i can wear this apple nails design with more combination than i image. 1.Red apple nails design The first choice is simple red nail