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Easy Off-the-Shoulders dress

We should keep a special spot in our closet for old clothes and accessories because they will be stylish again at some point in our lives. So, in case you are wondering what to do with it, remember that what goes around comes around. Fashion comes back too. And of course there are too many

8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials

When it comes to fashion and clothing, there’s absolutely no reason to love a good style hack. Especially if all it takes is a few simple cuts and ties, and not a sewing machine at all. Here are 8 Easy No Sew DIY Tutorials that will let you create stunning pieces of fashion and transform

Simple DIY T-shirt Makeover

We all have those boring white t-shirts that we wear only at home or to sleep with. It’s time to fix those boring t-shirts. It’s time to wear them outside your home. We are all aware how simple and small details can affect us. This is exactly the same. A small and simple piece of

DIY Polka Dotted Denim Skirt

We all have a piece of cloth in our wardrobe that used to be our favorite, but we no longer wear it. It’s either out-fashioned, faded, it doesn’t fit us anymore. That’s why we are posting articles with a solution for everything. Today’s article is about bleach dotting. It’s very easy and it doesn’t take

DIY Easy Summer Shorts

A summer wouldn’t be whole without a great pair of shorts. And when I say shorts, I mean a whole world of styles. Long ones, shorts ones, daisy dukes, mid thigh, dyed, studded, lace trimmed, scalloped, loose, vintage, printed, frayed, cuffed, rolled, bleached, acid washed, and much much more. For this particular DIY Easy Summer