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Wreath Ideas in Vintage Style With Flower Decoration

I know that there are so many wreath ideas and combination on how to do wreaths, what to use, difficult choices between traditional wreaths or nontraditional wreath. I’m not an expert but i just want to post what i like, you can use either for some holiday, or some other home celebration, wreath on doors

7 minutes body work out

Try this fitness workout, it take only 7 minutes, do every exercise   in 30 seconds (with some rest between if needed). 1 exercise: Jumping jacks 2 exercise: Wall sit 3 exercise: Push-ups 4 exercise: Crunches 5 exercise: Chair step ups 6 exercise: Squats 7 exercise: Triceps dips 8 exercise: Plank 9 exercise: Running in place (high knee) 10 exercise: Lunges 11 exercise: Push ups with rotations

DIY Decorative Candles

For many of us candles are most romantic pieces after flowers… There are so many ways how we can transform and make simple candles in nice wonderful and reach decorative candles. I’m sharing with you most interesting for me DIY projects for decorating  and transforming simple candles and making them more personalized. Enjoy your time