Clothes from 60s that are modern today

What can you wear today from clothes from 60s fashion. Go forward and take a look at the choices that I made. You will be surprised how many stuffs and outfits you can use from your mothers closet. For example you can start with an old fashion shift dress with interesting ornaments. Of course in this style fit in all different colors and combinations. If you still want to dress yourself like you are in the 60s, here you can find inspiration for that spirit.

1.Clothes from 60s as inspiration in today fashion

You can fit this combination in more and less every situation like going to work or going out on your important date.  And here comes dresses in black colors and  grey pants. They are all inspired from 60s fashion and still look fancy and chic.


2.Interesting combination that looks like 60s

Here are some interesting combination that you can wear with that spirit of 60s. Don’t forget the red lipstick as ‘must’ have part of this sixty look.


3.One shirt different colors

Good known ‘petar pan’ rounded corner collared style. I’m not sure if this is from 60s style, but i think this was wearing in those days or prior. So i simple share the post where different combination are collected. I’m sure everyone of us already have at least one item, either it is simple white shirt, or it is with famous white dots, or maybe it is in that blue white navy style.


4.Geometric patterns in clothes from 60s

And the picture won’t be complete if i don’t mention geometric patterns. So here are short a-line dresses in bold prints and bright colors  as modern fashion outfits from 60s. Today  the evolution of the mod revival continues on the fashion shows.


5. Another geometric mod look form 60s

Chic shift dresses with long sleeves and interesting geometric designs. And, of course you should wear your favorite high heels to get the finishing touch of this style.


6. Famous clothes from 60s – mini skirt

I just love this miniskirt dress, its stunning, sexy and fancy. Complete the innocent look with woman black stocking.


7. Shift dress just like in 60s

Stunning 60s style shift dress with  short sleeves. To finished the look use black accessories.



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