Collar Top DIY T Shirt

For the Day 76 project we decided to show you how to make Collar Top DIY T Shirt. This amazing T Shirt is really easy and fun to make and you will turn a piece of fabric into a cool new one that you can wear.

For this Collar Top DIY T Shirt project you will need 2 yards of medium weight fabric, boxy top to mimic, thread, a pair of scissors, pins and a sewing kit or a sewing machine.

Collar Top DIY T Shirt

Start by tracing the boxy top onto your fabric and cut out a front piece, then cut out two back pieces that will have an extra inch added to the center. This will be for the buttons or zippers or just a plain yet cute seam in the back. Fold and iron down the one inch in from the middle edges of the back 2 pieces. This should now be the same width as your front piece when both back pieces (both folded on the edge) are put together, folds touching. Sew the sides and the shoulder seams together, right sides together (outside fabric touching). You are now halfway done with your Collar Top DIY T Shirt project.


The next step is to cut out a collar by first using a piece of paper or your fabric and tracing the neckline edge out, then trace a any collar you like or make your own, and cut out 4 from the main fabric (2 one way and 2 the other way). You may want to test it out first, bigger is better because you can always make the collar smaller. Sew 2 of the collar pieces together (as well as the other side) right sides together, leaving the neckline, side open. Make a neckline and pin the collar (pretty side facing out) and the neckline facing (the wrong side is facing out) to the outside of the shirt’s neckline. Sew the top edge all the way around. Concealing the raw edge of the collar in the facing once flipped inside. Flip the inside of the facing inside and top stitch the edge of the neckline to the facing, while your collar is flipped up. Flip down the collar and iron down. Cut out the sleeves by tracing out one of your sleeves. Fold in half right sides together, sew into a tube and hem. Slide sleeve RST into the sleeve opening while the shirt is inside out. So the right side of the sleeve and shirt are touching. Sew along the edge of both. Repeat with the other side. Hem the bottom.

Finished Product

Credits for this Collar Top DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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