Cross DIY T Shirt

Cross DIY T Shirt tutorial is day 81 tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to turn your old T Shirt into a one of a kind cool new T Shirt. Choose your pattern and start cutting.

For this Cross DIY T Shirt project you will need an old T shirt, a pair of scissors, cardboard and white crayon or chalk.

For this Cross DIY T Shirt project, you will need about two or two and a half hours of your time to make it. It is really worth it.

First step

Start this Cross DIY T Shirt project by cutting out 1.5cm x 3cm rectangle out of your cardboard. This will be your stencil for each cut out rectangle. The next thing you need to do in this Cross DIY T Shirt project is to find the middle of your shirt with a ruler and trace it.

Trace the rectangle on the T Shirt to create cross pattern. Make sure you leave enough room between each rectangle, because you don’t want your shirt to rip.

These are the numbers: two rows of four, then two rows of six rectangles and at the end, six rows of four.

You can place the rectangles all horizontal or all of them to be vertical, but the best choice is to make them like the ones in the picture above, all vertical, except the ones in the middle – two rows of six rectangles.
The final step is to cut off very carefully. It is recommended to make the pattern on the inside of the Shirt so you don’t see any white chalk on the outside of the Shirt.
You are now done with your Cross DIY T Shirt project.
Here is how the finished product looks.
Finished Product
Cross DIY T Shirt
You can make this T Shirt in any pattern you like, you can even try to make a butterfly or a flower.
Credits for this Cross DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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