Cut Out Back DIY T Shirt

This Cut Out Back DIY T Shirt tutorial is the project for the Day 67 DIY tutorials. This T Shirt is one of the simplest and easiest to make DIY projects. It will take you less than 6 minutes and you will turn an old T Shirt into a beautiful new one.

It has a partial bare back, so it is perfect for the summer, but at the same time it is cool, modern, chic and modest. You can choose a shirt in any color and make it amazing.

For this Cut Out Back DIY T Shirt project you will need a T Shirt, a pair of scissors and a sewing kit.

Cut Out Back DIY T Shirt

In the picture above, you can see the step by step tutorial. You will need to flip the T Shirt and mark where you will need to cut and then try to cut straight lines. Make a rectangular shape and then sew the middle of the bottom part to the middle of the top part.

That is is. It is really easy and it is really simple.

If you want, you can change it a little bit and cut the collar off, from the front of the T Shirt.

This Cut Out Back DIY T Shirt project allows you to use your imagination and you can add flowers, pearls, circons or anything else you want. If you choose a shirt in one color, you can add more bling,

Here is how the finished product looks.

Finished product

Isn’t it just amazing?

You can combine this T Shirt with a pair of jeans or a black A-line skirt. It is good for a day out, or a night out. Put some sexy earrings and you are ready to turn heads.

Credits for this Cut Out Back DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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