DIY Apron from Old T Shirts – Day 1

Hi there,  in this post i will start my project of posting different post each day about some DIY project using T shirts. My idea inthis 365 DIY t shirt project is to make one big collection of what can we do with all that old t shirt, or with that t shirt who we are not wearing any more. As a young woman and spouse i always want to be tidy, but not too pedantic, and of course enough good fit 🙂 So when comes to the kitchen whenever new thing comes up I’m looking forward it.

Before starting, first to wish all the best to all of you reading my site, thank you all of you for your devoted visits and hope i satisfied your needs. feel free to comment or contact me on private mail 🙂

So for this 1 day i will use project from  this site. DIY Apron from old t shirts.


In the original post for this DIY Apron it is used fabric for making this apron, but try it using your old t shirt, you will do the right think it almost the same and plus in this way you are not spending any more money.

First thing in this DIY Apron project is to do the low part of the apron, measure it and sew the edges. Than make the upper part, make some trapezium form and sew only the right and left side, just remember that the low part should be same length as lower part. Than you can use some different t shirt and make the belt, choose the proper width and make it be same size as the lower and upper part. For the  end make some thin ribbon and sew it, in the upper part sew the edge and leave a bit hole in which you will puss trough the ribbon.
At the end make the bow to look more authentic and fashionably.

Enjoy in my first DIY Apron project 🙂

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