DIY Bow Sweater Refashion – Day 17

This post is a bit different by using sweater instead of t shirt, but i bet that almost the same idea can be done by using t shirt. The point is to remodel this sweater model by  adding nice bow on the back and replacing that ordinary tie.

DIY Bow Sweater Refashion Project needs: sweater, ribbon, scissor, needle, yarn, some glue (optional)


And the steps are shown on the picture below. The sweater that you need for this project.


First step of this DIY Bow Sweater project  is to remove the tie from the back. Use some needle and gently remove it, be careful not to unstitch the sweater  edges.


Also you can use the scissor the cut of carefully the yarn. Second step is to cut the ribbon into two parts. Each end of it cut it and stitch it with using some glue.

DIY-bow-sweater-2 DIY-bow-sweater-3-1

Than each end put it on the place where it was the previous tie and sew it. You don’t need to use swing machine you can use simple needle and yarn.

DIY-bow-sweater-4-1 DIY-bow-sweater-6

And at the end tie both ends and make a bow with the ribbons.


Credits for this DIY Bow Sweater Refashion goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg

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