DIY Cool Knob T Shirt

Day 72 tutorial will show you how to make perfect DIY Cool Knob T Shirt. Yes, you read well, knob, as in the door knob. Now you can make something new and one of a kind T Shirt.

For this DIY Cool Knob T Shirt project you will need a scarf or any other fabric, two door knobs, packing tape and a safety pin.

You can choose any two door knobs designs you like, they can be the same, or different ones, but it is better if they are the same. Pick them in any color you like.

Start by aligning the two knobs together by the screws and use the width of the packing tape as your guide. Then roll the packing tape over and over until you have a nice, smooth surface.

Here are the step by step pictures tutorial for this phase.

Door Knobs

After you are done with that, here is how you need to proceed so you can get your new halter top T Shirt.

Use a thicker scarf, if you want to make a simple knot. If you use a thinner fabric, you can play around with the ends in different cool ways.

Here are the pictures for the next steps.

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Scarf around your neck, just in the middle.

2. Bring the two sides of the scarf in the front center, while keeping the knobs on top of your scarf.

3. Roll over the knobs, the ends of the scarf, passing through the loop around your neck.

4. Tie it so that the knobs will be balanced and horizontal.

5.  Keep the two parts of the scarf apart, while wrapping it around your breasts.

6.  Tie it on the back.

7.  If you want to make sure that the scarf will stay in place, use a safety pin.

8. Now you have a scarf DIY Cool Knob T Shirt that you made in less than 3 minutes.

DIY Cool Knob T Shirt

You can wear this scarf halter top over a T Shirt or just on your bare skin.

Credits for this DIY Cool Knob T Shirt project goes here.

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