DIY Easy Summer Shorts

A summer wouldn’t be whole without a great pair of shorts. And when I say shorts, I mean a whole world of styles. Long ones, shorts ones, daisy dukes, mid thigh, dyed, studded, lace trimmed, scalloped, loose, vintage, printed, frayed, cuffed, rolled, bleached, acid washed, and much much more. For this particular DIY Easy Summer Shorts post I want to show you how easily and quickly it is to transform an old or thrifted pair of jeans into a cute pair of shorts perfect for your summer. There are also ways to refashion your current cut-offs and other shorts and make them completely new again.

Many of these DIY Easy Summer Shorts involve cut-off jeans which is the best, and easiest, way to make shorts. Of course, not all denim cut-offs are alike so we’ve taken the time to put together several different ways that you can make and wear those old cut-off jeans.

  1. Scarf Print Shorts

    If you have an old scarf that you don’t use in the traditional way and you want a great pair of shorts, you can make yourself these adorable scarf print shorts. These are easy to make, probably because they have an elastic waist so you don’t really have to worry about putting in a zipper. You will need to sew them but it takes very little time. You don’t need to buy a shorts pattern at all, though. You can just use a pair of shorts that you have that fit well and base the pattern off of those.

    DIY Easy Summer Shorts

    Scarf Print Shorts

    Source: a pair and a spare diy

  2. Lace Pocket cut-offs

    Cut-Offs Take an old pair of jeans that you picked up at that thrift store and turn them into elegant and sexy summer shorts with just a pair of scissors and some lace. Once you’ve cut the shorts into the length that you want, you can embellish the pockets with lace. This looks great even with the frayed edges although you could cuff them if you wanted. You just need lace wide enough to cover the pockets and you can sew it in place or use a good fabric glue that will hold up after a few washing’s.

    DIY Easy Summer Shorts

    Lace pockets

    DIY Easy Summer Shorts

    Lace Pocket Cut-offs

    Source: diy n crafts

  3. Spikey Cut-Offs

    If you really want to create unique shorts from your old jeans, consider using spikes to embellish them. First, after you have cut them into the length that you want, think about dyeing them a bright neon color. Once the dye has dried, you can add the spikes to the pockets, belt loops or just anywhere you want them. Create a stunning design or just add a couple of spikes here and there. Be careful that you don’t put them somewhere they may cause a bit of damage in the future and you can use different sizes of spikes to make different designs.

    DIY Easy Summer Shorts

    Spikey Cut Offs

    Source: mrkate

  4. Lace Hemmed Shorts

    Take those old denim (or not denim) shorts and add a little new excitement by putting lace on the hem. This is such an easy way to refashion old shorts and make them look new again. You can sew on the lace or if you prefer not to sew, just use fabric glue. The lace gives your shorts a really elegant look and lace is so inexpensive that you can do several pairs in different styles or colors. These are dressed up enough to make them perfect for semi-dressy occasions and they’re great for casual events as well.

    DIY Easy Summer Shorts

    Lace Pocket

    Source: by wilma

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