DIY Lace Jeans Shorts

In this post again we are going to making DIY Lace Jeans Shorts, but this time it is remodeling old shorts.If you don’t have it you can make it from your old jeans, by cutting it to become a nice pair of shorts.

For this DIY Lace Jeans Shorts project you will need: old pair of jeans (or shorts), lace,pins,scissors, yarn and needle.


The steps as always are shown on the picture bellows. As i already mention if you don’t have shorts, than first make it from old jeans by cutting it. Than next step is to place the lace pieces and pin it on the edges making the first layer. Always repeat the measure on each trouser legs, and cut on the place. Than next thing to do is to sew it following the pins. Repeat the same steps but this time place the lace a bit above the first one, pin it and sew it. Continue with the steps to the upper part of the shorts. Of course if you have a sewing machine you can sew it by using it.


Just to mention, at the begging is good to measure first the lace tape, and calculate how much you will need for covering the hole shorts. If you don’t have enough lace, than just make the steps at the front, and leave the back as it is. The good thing is that you can make the back part next time when you will get some extra lace tape. And of course you can experiment by adding lace in different colors for example black and white, or make the front different from the back.

Enjoy your final project.


Credit for this DIY Lace Jeans Shorts projects goes here.

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