DIY Lace Skirt Refashion

Creating your own DIY Lace Skirt Refashion is easy and cheap. Using a stretch fabric and beautiful lace you can create a unique skirt which is chic and suitable for many occasions. And what could be more appropriate for summer than a lace pencil skirt, made in an ultra feminine hue of pastel pink?

Play it up with a trendy top and boyfriend blazer or wear it sporty with a comfy sweater and converse shoes. Here are a few DIY Lace Skirt Refashion tutorials.

1. Lace for Days Skirt

This is one of the harder skirts, so just have patience and try not to get too discouraged. And make sure you get plenty of lace. Or at least get your lace at a place where you can always go back for more if you need to.

Used Material: fabric, lace, zipper, small button, a pencil skirt that fits well to use for a pattern,  pattern fabric (optional).

DIY Lace Skirt Refashion

Lace for Days Skirt

Source: elleapparelblog

2. Black Lace Skirt

Without a sewing machine required for a more serious project, create something super easy using just hand sewing. Creating a lace overlay for an existing skirt. It’s perfect for the sewing novice or someone without a machine.

Used Material: A black skirt, 2m of eyelet lace, Scissors, A needle and black thread, Pins

DIY Lace Skirt Refashion

Black Lace Skirt

Source: apairandasparediy

3. Lace Pencil Skirt

What could be more wearable for summer than a lace pencil skirt, made in an ultra feminine hue of pastel pink?

Used Material: 2 m of lace fabric, 2 m of lining fabric, scissors, a zip, matching thread, a sewing machine.

DIY Lace Skirt Refashion

Lace Pencil Skirt

Source: a pair and asparediy

4. Lace Layering Skirt

Surely there is an easy way to recreate a skirt with a simple slip and couple of yards of delightful lace trim. It turns out, even with amateur sewing skills, it is 100% doable. You won’t get enough of your new favorite layering piece.

Used Material: a nylon or cotton half slip, 2 1/2 yards of Chantilly lace wider, seam ripper, extra thin pins, sewing machine.

DIY Lace Skirt Refashion

Lace Layering Skirt

Source: honestly wtf

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