DIY Laced Home Decor

If you are the fans of lace and have lots of laces left unused at your home, why not add them to your home decoration? This is an excellent concept. Lace can not only add beauty to your home, but also bring an elegant and vintage atmosphere. Moreover, it’s cheap and easy to get. You can pick them up at markets and second hand shops or even make it by yourself. Lace can act as a graphic motif on everything from window, table, curtains and bedspread to plate, rugs and ceiling. Here are a few ideas of how to add this beautiful decoration material into your home. I hope you find something inspiring from this DIY Laced Home Decor article!

It’s nice to have things around that you’ve made yourself, rather than things we just bought. It adds some of our personality into the day which I think is really nice. There are so many quirky options you can go with. There are so many creative options. Try these DIY Laced Home Decor ideas below.

1. Uniquely laced furniture

The drawer fronts were done by laying a piece of lace fabric over them and then spray painting.  Tape off the edge of the drawers first because If you want to keep them white. Use Rustoleum Aluminum in a matte finish and spray the pulls as well. Make sure to use a fresh piece of lace for each part you spray.

DIY Laced Home Decor

Source: Uniquely Chic Mosaics

2. Laced Flower Pots

This DIY is so simple it doesn’t even really need these photos, but just in case.

1. Supplies Needed: Lace, Glue, Scissors, Terra Cotta Pots, Plants.

2. Brush glue all over your pot.

3. Adhere lace and then brush an extra layer of glue over the top to seal.

4. Allow your new pots to dry completely before you use them.

DIY Laced Home Decor

Source: A Beautiful Mess

3. Vintage Light Jars

So whether you’d like to include mason jars in your wedding decorations or just want to use them to pretty up your home, these pretty lace and doily covered numbers are bound to brighten up the atmosphere.

Supplies: jars of any kind, lots of wide lace, scissors, glue and a yarn is optional.

DIY Laced Home Decor

DIY Laced Home Decor

Source: Love Wed Bliss

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