DIY Neon T-Shirt – Day 50

DIY Neon T-Shirt is the thing you need for this summer. You will pop out and the color will for sure show your personality. You can use this tutorial to learn how to make a new T-shirt top or a short dress. You will need just an hour of your time and you will for sure turn heads wherever you go.

To make the DIY Neon T-Shirt you will need a large, bright color T-Shirt, scissors and a sewing kit.

DIY Neon T-Shirt
DIY Neon T-Shirt
Start by cutting the sleeves and then continue with cutting a straight line below the neckline.
Take the two sleeves you cut off, and cut the side of the sleeve open on each of them, and lay them flat.  This will give you a nice long strip of fabric. Cut out two identical rectangle pieces.
Match up the top (previous sleeve) portions with the matching body (large chunk) portions.
You are now half way done with your DIY Neon T-Shirt.
DIY Neon T-Shirt
 Sew (right sides together) the top pieces with each body piece.  Then sew up the side seams entirely.
Sew elastic for the waist/under bust.  Sew it it straight onto the dress, stretching the elastic as you sew.
Trim access and turn dress right side out.  Now you have your new DIY Neon T-Shirt, you can use it as a dress or as a new sleeveless top. You will look nice and cute.
Here is how it looks at the end:
You can do this with almost any oversized shirt, no matter what color the T-Shirt is, or how long it is.
It will take you less than an hour and you will have a nice new DIY Neon T-Shirt.
If you want to, you can add some rhinestones and make the shirt/dress sparkle.
Credits for this  DIY Neon T-Shirt project goes here.

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