DIY old jeans redesign projects

For today story i wanted to share with you couple of DIY old jeans redesign project. Its interesting when you found how much staff you can do with that old stuffs. Simple imagine what do you want to try, prepare yourself and start working. Don’y worry if you don’t have any experience, the fun is exactly in that, whatsoever if nothing comes out, you can trow them as you were planning in the first time.

1. DIY old jeans redesign with lace ornament

First project to do is adding a bit lace ornament to the bottom. Turn off the pair of jeans and get the the white lace ribbon. Measure how long the lace ribbon fraction should be and cut it. Sew easily with white or blue cotton from the interior side, on the bottom of the jeans, and to the up end of the lace ribbon. At the end iron a bit so it can  smoothly stick together.


2. DIY Apron Dress from Denim Jeans

Here is some easy project what to the with your husband old jeans. I know that first though is that they are bigger, and hat the hell your going to do with them. Yes, you can use to make old fashion apron dress. Cut off separate trouser legs,and try to make the two identical pattern as shown bellow. Than put them one above other and sew it together. At the end tie down the upper part.Enjoy it:)


3. DIY old jeans to aprons

This is another interesting and funny way how to use old jeans. Take one trouser leg and cut it in apron shape. Take some other old fabric, and cut it in thin ribbon. Sew them together to get aprons from the old jeans as shown bellow.



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