DIY Refashion Sexy Suspender Tights

For today post we choose some other topic, refashioning other staffs from your closet like those old black tight. This DIY Refashion Sexy Suspender Tights project is one of my favorite projects. Probably you are already sick of all those black tight in old woman style. Lets get some fun and make some sexy and new piece of lingerie from that old tights. Just follow the steps bellow and enjoy making this project.

Look how sexy and gorgeous look the girl bellow, you can make the same leggings in just 15 minutes.


For this DIY Refashion Sexy Suspender Tights project you will need: one pair of black tights, pins, scissor, needle and yarn and some old suspenders.

The first step is to pin your legging in halfway between your knee and your hip just as shown on the picture bellow.


Than put of carefully, and cut the line following the pin line. Make the same step on both sides. Than sew the lines on the edges to prevent the snapping. When your done add the suspenders near the middle connected with the pin and after that sew them. These all steps are shown on the picture bellow. I’m sure you can get the point for this DIY Refashion Sexy Suspender Tights project just from looking at the picture 🙂 .


And you are all done with this amazing DIY Refashion Sexy Suspenders Tights. I just couldn’t resist not to share with you this kind of project. Especially when we are talking about sexy leggings i simple must do this post. The most interesting part is that this DIY Refashion Sexy Suspender Tights project can be done with any other color. Either way it will look sexy and astonished. You don’t need some extra materials, or some extra techniques to do this project. You don’t need any special requirements for making this sexy suspenders tights.

Enjoy your time.

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