DIY Rocker T-Shirt – Day 48

DIY T-shirts are becoming really popular these days, so if you have an old rocker T-Shirt, or one that your father wore back in the days, you can make your own DIY Rocker T-shirt.

DIY Rocker T-Shirt tutorial needs are only an old T-shirt, a ribbon with the same color and a pair of scissors.

The steps are shown in the pictures, so it is really easy to make this type of DIY Rocker T-shirt.


Start by cutting off the sleeves and the bottom. Cut the neck in a large scoop shape, but be careful when you do that, go slowly so you don’t risk making the hole too big to wear.


Now you have a shirt with a front that looks like the picture above. Cut the back lower so you have a place to put the ribbon on the back.


You can use a ribbon from the bottom strip, or you can use a new one. You can use a ribbon that is in the same color as the shirt, or you can choose a ribbon with a different color. Tie the ribbon using the instructions above and you are almost done with your DIY Rocker T-Shirt.


The last step is to pin the front of the DIY Rocker T-Shirt on the either side of the neckline and glue them or sew them.  You can also put a drop of the glue on the ribbon knot to keep it from untying.


This is how your new T-shirt will look at the font after you are done with every step and in the picture below you can see how the T-Shirt is supposed to look on the back.

DIY Rocker T-Shirt

Making your own DIY Rocker T-Shirt is pretty simple and easy, it will take you less than 30 minutes and you will have a cool new T-Shirt.

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