DIY Sexy Cut Off Leggings

Hi there, for today’s post I choose how to DIY Sexy Cut Off Leggings. I bet all of you already have some old leggings which you are sick of wear the same way anymore. So here is how you can transform and refashion yours old black leggings into sexy cut off leggings.  Follow the steps described bellow shown on the picture and described in the following text and enjoy your time.


For this DIY Sexy Cut Off Leggings project you’ll need: one pair of old leggings, scissors, pins, crayon, yarn and needle or sewing machine.


So the first step for this DIY Sexy Cut Off Leggings project will be to start with marking the places where we will do the cut. Place one line just bellow the hips where the cut off will begin as shown on the picture bellow. And draw the same line on the bottom where you plan to finish with the cutting off. Mark the same lines on the both sides.


After marking the begging and the end you need to mark the places where will be cutting the strips. Use equal width for all strips and make sure you will end up with EVEN number of stripes to make all criss-cross. For example here we do 12 strips on each side.


Next step is to cut off the whole piece on the outside on both legs, just as shown on the picture bellow. Cut off the begging and the end of each leggings.


Than continue cutting off the marked places so you get all strips at the end as shown on the pictures bellow.



When you re done, you need to make all those criss-cross. Take each of the strip and cross over each other. Its totally up to you either you will randomize this crossing or make it in pair. Do the same thing on the both side and use the pins to stitch it.



When you are done with previous steps you will need just to sew the edges. And that’s all. You are all done with making this DIY Sexy Cut Off Leggings project. .


And here is another example of this DIY Sexy Cut Off Leggings where the matching is a bit randomized, i think the second one is a bit more chick and sexy. Its all up to you.


Try it and tell us what you do.

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