DIY Sexy Embellished Bralet Top

For 91st Day we choose another interesting way to wear bralet top. This is project is hot to DIY Sexy Embellished Bralet Top in just a couple of steps. This is very easy and quick project and the best part is that you will just reuse your old and borring black bralet and transformed it into sexy embellished bralet top.


For this DIY Sexy Embellished Bralet Top Project you will need: black strapless bralet, or you can choose any other color or type you’ve already had, stud,pliers and some glue.


The first step for this project is to start placing each stud on the top corner on the bralet just as shown on the picture bellow.


And continue the same steps to the final front end. Follow the same line and make another one to the end. Than next thing to do is to add as much as you want in order as you think is most proper for your taste. You can follow the pattern shown on the picture bellow. In this project each line has less and less pins from the previous one, filling up the inside part of the bralet, and at the end add some random pins on the outside empty space.


For this DIY Sexy embellished bralet top here is used black bra, but you can always change the steps and use any other color as you want, or at least any other color bra as you already have. The most interesting part is that you can always wear it just that. Or you can wear with some extra wide open shirt and show your sexy attitudes.  Astonish the others by wearing this embellished bralet top in the next party.

Enjoy your time doing this project.

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