DIY Sexy Refashion Bralette Top

For Day 90 we choose this sexy refashion bralette top instead of simple t shirt remodeling. We just found one very interesting way of how to remodel your old bralette in easy and sexy way. In just a couple of steps you are going to have one  sexy bralette top. Follow the steps describe below making this refashion bralette top and enjoy wearing it.This is not a classy DIY T Shirt project, but it can for sure replace your top wearing.

For this sexy refashion bralette top project you will need: one bra, prefer strapless or balconnet style bra, pattern paper and marker, about 1/4 meter fabric by your choice, scissors and sewing machine and pins.


The first step is to trace down the outline of half of your bra.Continue with drawing a straight line from the center front and draw a slightly diagonal line at the end where your bra buckle is. Draw a line at the bottom and that will be the hem of  bralette. This is shown on the picture bellow. Measure your waist before starting and be sure that this is 1/4 of the your measurement.


Continue with cutting the patter, and placing it above the fabric, so you can cut the fabric using the pattern for this refashion bralette top project. Before cutting folded the fabric and be sure to leave some extra space for sewing. Than fold the fabric and pin it to the bottoms of the cups. Be sure on which side you should place the fabric and the bra.


Using the example from this DIY Refashion Bralette Top project, to look more sexier you need to make a large angled cut of the top corners of the back and  hemmed the edges. This will leave the band of  bra exposed and make a cute keyhole shape at the back as well.

Next step is to sew the bra with the fabric just as shown on the picture bellow. Using a cover stitch machine or a zig zag stitch, hem the bottom of your top.


In this project the final step is embellishing the bra to look more luxury and more sexy. This step of course is optional, but you can now embellish the bra with any rhinestones, studs, beads, zippers or lace! Here we added little pearl beads.




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