DIY Sexy T Shirt Top

For Day 92 i choose another sexy project.Its all about making  DIY Sexy T Shirt Top in just couple of minutes without any sewing techniques or cleverness. You won’t believed how simple it can be to do one sexy piece of t shirt crop top inspired  by fashion show. Just read on and follow the steps described in the picture bellow and enjoy your time making it and wearing it.


For this DIY Sexy T Shirt Top project you will need : one white sleeveless t shirt and scissors, needle and yarn as optional part.


For making this project start cutting the t shirt just as show on the next picture. Cut the back, near where your bra will end up, its up to your dimensions as shown on the picture with number two and three. Than continue with cutting the front part of the t shirt. Cut on the middle from the beginning to the bottom end of the t shirt. Your about more and less on the end of the making this DIY Sexy T Shirt Top project.  This steps are shown on the picture four and five.


We are done with the cutting and you will get something as shown on the picture six. Than try this on you and tie it in front making an x and go to the back where you can end up making an bow or just simple tie This is shown on the picture bellow on the step seven. Make sure you wear a nice bra bellow the t shirt so you can make some sexy neckline following the lines of the bra. At the end you can use some needle and yarn if you needed to tie just above the bra ends.


So you are all done with this DIY Sexy T Shirt Top Project, its easy and fast for making, and the final look is just simple amazing.


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