DIY Sexy Zipper Jeans

For today I choose  DIY Sexy Zipper Jeans idea as way to remodel old white jeans in three simple steps. Don’t worry there is no need for extra sewing knowledge. If you are tired of wearing same jeans again and again here is an idea how to refashion old jeans in new simple sexy way. Follow the steps bellow and enjoy it.


For this DIY Sexy Zipper Jeans project you will need: old pair of jeans, two zippers, pins, scissors,lighter,  yarn and needle or sewing machine.


First step is to cut off the ends of the zippers and make two equals pieces. Sew the both endings and lighter to protect rending. Than cut off outside line of the jeans nearly same length as two zipper pieces. Use some pin to mark the proper length, just as shown on the picture below.

Just to mention that here we use zippers, but you can do the same stuff using some other bands, with some contrast color.Its totally up to you, or at least its up to what you can find to use instead.


Than use the other pins to attach the zipper on the endings and sew it. And you are all done doing this DIY Sexy Zipper Jeans project

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