DIY Shirt Dress Tutorial – Day 43

This DIY Shirt Dress  tutorial is about making a dress from two old shirts. It is a really easy one and you get the perfect new combination.  Interesting fancy two colors dress for everyday use.


DIY Shirt Dress Tutorial needs: two shirt, scissors, sewing machine, pins.


So as i already mention all you are going to need for this project is two shirts.In this sample it is used two different color shirts, one is white without sleeves,and the other is brown. Its up to you what colors are you going to use, at the end this choice is up to what you have to reuse.

The first step is to make the white shirt fit to your body. If it is a bit bigger, than wear it up on you, follow your body, pin it, and than sew by them.In this tutorial it is used shirt without sleeves . If you have shirt with sleeves than you can remove them, or you can leave them, so you will have dress with long sleeves, its up to you.

Next step is to take the second shirt and cut it of just bellow the breast. We are going to use the second low part as the skirt part of the dress. As shown on the picture bellow.


Connect the first shirt with this second shirt and pin the together. Than sew them. At the end sew the buttons of the bottom part.


If you have any problems with dimension in this DIY Shirt Dress Tutorial of the bottom part, you can always try this trick.Actually in this tutorial the bottom part was a bit tight around the hips. So the solution for this is with removing the side seams of this bottom part and sewing ‘triangles’ to widen the bottom :). Just as shown on the picture bellow.

And you are done with this DIY Shirt Dress Tutorial. You can also add some belt for additional decoration.



Credits for this DIY Shirt Dress tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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