DIY side updos for long hair

I’m in that group of girls that doesn’t go so often to haircut studios. So whenever i found some interesting posts on how to do it yourself nice hair style i think that I must share it also. In previous post i already shared some half-up updos, now i will put some tutorials of side knotted updo and side chignon.

1. DIY side updos with knitting

Simple and quick tutorial. If you already have long hair, than you must try it at least one of these diy side updos. It seems just like the braid, but its not, and still keep the cute and innocent look.

knotted_side_updo diy_side_updos_knotted

As shown on the pictures there are couple of steps that you should do. First separate your hair in two parts. Take the first one and again separate in two parts. Start to knot these two parts with each other and reach to the  neck. Than split them in one and start to knot with the second half of the hair. Remember to keep the style to the side that you choose.

2.DIY side updos as elegant chignon

This tutorial is for making elegant side chignon. First start with curling your hair a little bit so it can easily twisted in the bun. Do some backcomb a bit so it won’t be flat. Start from behind near the neck, hang with bobby pin, and start to twist the hair in the side bun, but don’t do it to tight.  Try to leave freely the parts and still hang them together in the side chignon. And of course follow the tutorial this diy side updos  on the pictures bellow.


The complete look is elegant and stunning. I just love it. And the red lipstick, it is amazing combination for me. I think next time when i have to go on some occasion, where i want to impress others i will try this.


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