DIY Strapless T Shirt

For Day 56 project we chose to show you how to make DIY Strapless T Shirt, this T Shirt is easy to make and it is a no sew shirt.

For DIY Strapless T Shirt project you will need: old T Shirt, scissors, tape, paint, sponge, safety pin, cardboard, plastic bag and a paper plate.


Start by taping under the arms of the shirt.


Then just cut across the shirt.

DIY Strapless T Shirt

The next step for this project is to flip your shirt upside down so the bottom ham becomes the top of your shirt.

DIY Strapless T Shirt

Cut a one inch strip across the bottom of your shirt so you can use this to make the tie of the shirt.


Then cut the strip open at one side.


The next step is to stretch the strip. This is a pretty fun thing to do. Stretch as hard as you can!

DIY Strapless T Shirt

Taping off the lines is the next step in the DIY Strapless T Shirt project. You can make the lines as thick or as thin as you want.

DIY Strapless T Shirt

Place your paint on a paper plate.


DIY Strapless T Shirt

Place a piece of cardboard or a plastic bag in between your shirt, and Paint your lines. You should let that dry for 4-6 hours.


After the paint is dry, mark the front middle of your shirt. The next step of the DIY Strapless T Shirt project is to cut a small slit, big enough to fit a safety pin through.



Tie one end of the cord that you made to the safety pin and weave the safety pin all the way around the channel and bring it out.



The last step of the DIY Strapless T Shirt project is to try the shirt on and tie it to fit you.

DIY Strapless T Shirt

You are now done. Isn’t the shirt just beautiful?

DIY Strapless T Shirt


Credits for this DIY Strapless T Shirt project goes here.



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