DIY T Shirt Apron – Day 12

In this post I’m going to talk about making an apron. Yes I know i was already talking about this, and sharing the information of it, but as a proud housewife never give up from having a fancy looking apron. And when it comes from reusing old t shirt, than it is a perfect combination for me. So today choice  is to DIY T Shirt Apron , from man shirt.

diy T Shirt Apron

DIY T Shirt Apron Project needs: Man shirt (or woman shirt, but make sure it is knee length), sewing machine, scissor


Follow the steps on the picture and you get the point.
First cut off the sleeves and the back. Cut around the collar neck and leave a bit so it can be easily sew by the edge.



First marking one diagonal cut  cut from the armpit to the top of the shoulder and cut it of on the each side. So you get the look as shown on the picture bellow.


On the raw edge that you just cut, turn a hem under, concealing all raw edges, and sew it down.  Do this on both sides.


At the end is to do the ties for the apron, so you can make some ties from the sleeves that we cut of or if it is too small than you can use some ribbons, its up to  you



And the final look for this DIY T Shirt Apron project is

diyTShirtApron final


Credits for this post goes here.
Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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