DIY T Shirt Bag – Day 45

This post is for DIY T Shirt Bag tutorial. I found this tutorial as very interesting one, and simple i have to share it with all of you. There is a bit more sewing but at the end you are going to get a perfect new bag. The pictures used in this post are with using old sweater but i tried at home, and believe me it is totally the same, if you are going to make it with t shirt. Cause basically my intend for this kind of post is reusing old t shirt,i’m going to use t shirt as basic material, although on pictures is used something else.

DIY T Shirt Bag Tutorial needs: two old t shirt,sewing machine, two old bag handles, and some material tape for as optional.


All the steps for making this tutorial are shown on the picture bellow.First step is for making the outer side. Take the t shirt for the outside and make two equals squares. Sew them from the inside side and sew the both ends for making a square hole.


Turn the part inside out. On the upper side, in the middle add the bag handles. You can use the extra material tape, or you can sew them with some left overs from the t shirt that you used.


Third step is for making the inside part. Take the other t shirt and make two squares, sew them together and following bag pattern make a square hole inside. Just as you made for the first part, or as shown on the picture bellow. When you are done with this par put the one part into another and sew them together. And you are all done with this DIY T shirt bag tutorial.


And the final look is shown bellow


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Bag tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.


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