DIY T Shirt Bow Back – Day 6

Talking about bows on the t shirts I must share also this DIY T Shirt Bow Back project as my Day 6 diy project. It is more and less similar to previous day 5 project but in this one we are going to sew additional bow details on the back side of the t shirt

DIY T Shirt Bow Back Project needs: One t shirt, scissor, different color fabric (or some other t shirt for the bows), sewing machine,needle and yarn.

For doing this project it is used white t shirt and floral fabric material, but anyhow ts up to and feel free to use some other combinations.

Follow the pictures and the lets the fun begin. First cut of a part from the back start from begging and got nearly to the end of the t shirt. Sew the edges on the t shirt, and measure the width of the empty gap. Cut of the second material in measured length and make it 5 pieces plus 5 smaller one. The smaller pieces put at the middle o the first 5 parts and sew it by hand by making a bow form. Each end of the bow put at the t shirt and connect the gap in it.

The interesting part is that for this DIY T Shirt Bow Back project you can use  your favorite t shirt which too small to wear it, so in this case you are going to extend it and make it more proper for wearing. Be careful not to make too big gap and get too big t shirt.

diy t shirt bow back


This one also goes to same DIY T Shirt Bow Back project but this time, the gap is a bit smaller and the bows are floating above the t shirt, so its up to your imagination how you will do it.

diy t-shirt bow-back

Credits for this projects goes to here.

Enjoy your time.

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