DIY T Shirt Bow – Day 4

Day 4 i will dedicate to making bow on the back of your favorite old t shirt. I know whats the feeling when you have something that is really good feeling when you wear it but you simple need some changes, something new and chick. Here is my idea how to DIY T shirt Bow in just a couple of steps.

DIY T Shirt Bow Projects needs: one t shirt, scissor, needle and cotton and small lace ribbon.

diy t shirt bow project needs

First thing to do is to cut of part around the neck, to make it more lax.

diy t shirt

Than at the back end of the t shirt make small holes,make it in the middle and don’t cut it too much of it just a small amount of the t shirt. Make it 4 times on enough distance.

0-3 1

Cut of 5 pieces of the lace ribbon and sew each of them on each part of the t shirt, as it is shown on the picuture.

2 3

At the end of this DIY T Shirt Bow Project your t old t shirt should look just like this

diy t shirt bow

And voila your all done to wear your old t shirt in just simple easy new way.

Here is also some other ways how to do it with leaving the first part around the neck as is.

diyTShirtBow diyTShirtBowRefashion

Credits for this DIY T Shirt bow project goes to here.

Enjoy your time.

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