DIY T Shirt Bow Redesign – Day 44

This DIY T Shirt Bow Redesign tutorial is easy one. Cause there is only a little sewing. In this tutorial it is used a child shirt,but you can always make the same for you.The steps for doing this tutorial are the same no meter what size of t shirt you are going to use.


DIY T Shirt Bow Redesign Tutorial needs: t shirt on long sleeves, scissors, needle and yarn. (this can be sew by hand, but if you want you can use your sewing machine, its up to you).

This project is consist of couple of steps shown bellow. First thing to do in this DIY T shirt Bow Redesign tutorial is to cut of the sleeves. Make fine ending on each  of the short sleeves.


From the rest of the sleeves part make a mini bows. First make one bow, and use it as a pattern so you can make equal items.The bows are making simply by one bigger square, and one smaller square that you will sew inthe middle of the big one. When you are done with all bows, sew all of them following the neckline. All the steps are shown on the picture bellow.


Credits for this DIY T Shirt Bow Redesign Tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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