DIY T Shirt Bow Refashion – Day 5

Day 5 and now i going to share with you another way how to refashion your t shirt with bow detail on your back, but in some different way. SO todays project is DIY T Shirt Bow Refashion and we are going to change the t shirt using same lace fabric,that you can take from your old lace t shirt which is small or you are not wearing any more.

DIY T Shirt Bow Refashion Project needs: One t shirt, scissor,sewing machine, lace

diy t shirt bow refashion

In the first step as shown above, you can use this mode, cut of the middle of the t shirt and make it look like triangle.


At the empty space place the lace behind and see on the edges. At the begging you can place a bow made from the same fabric. Viola you are ready to wear your homemade Valentino Bow -Back t shirt

3 4

Instead of lace you can get the same effect using some see-trough material or some other transparent material. The idea is to refashion your old t shirt in some fancy look so more weird material you use, more interesting look get. The funny story here is that you can always reuse your old piece of clothes that you bought and never again wear it cause is to whimsically looking.

Credits for this project idea goes to here.

Enjoy your time.

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