DIY T Shirt Bow Ribbon – Day 9

I’ve already had talked about making and decorating your t shirt with bow details, so here me again about the same topic. Its easy and fun way of recreating your favorite t shirt. In this one you can use your men t shirt and all you need is just a nice ribbon in some different color. On the one picture it is used green t shirt with pink ribbon, but also as shown on the last one good combination is with white t shirt and pink ribbon, its totally up to you what combinations you are going to use.

DIY T Shirt Bow Ribbon Projects needs: one t shirt, ribbon around 3 meters, recommended to be in different color, scissor and chalk.


Follow the pictures bellow to get trough the idea of making this.

Cut off the part around the neck. Place the ribbon above the t shirt and draw a lines of the both sides with the chalk.

2 3

Make horizontal lines and cut the top one, make it on a bit bigger distance to get more proper effect just as shown on the picture.


Starting from the bottom of the t shirt push trough the holes  the ribbon and go to the beginning. At the top tie a bow and viola your are all done with your DIY T shirt bow ribbon project.

6 diy t shirt bow ribbon

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diy t -shirt bow ribbon

Enjoy your time.

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