DIY T-Shirt Braided Necklace

It’s time to do the 95th braided necklace as another DIY t-shirt project. We are going to talk about making necklaces that are easy to make and you can make 3 for several hours.

For making this DIY t-shirt braided necklace you will need: One old t-shirt you must cut into 12 stripes, 1 inch wide, one large lobster clasp and 2 large jump rings.

diy t-shirt braided necklace

Process for doing braided necklace:1. Divide the strips into two bundles made of 6 strips. Make a loop, as you can see on the pictures, the actual first step in creating a sailors knot.2. Arrange your second bundle of strips as shown. 3. Wave your second pile of strips over and under. 4. Repeat it once more time. Finally, you made your sailor knot! 5. Make sure that you pull your knot tightly on the both sides (with same amount of material on both sides), and it will turn up looking like this. You made the center of the braided necklace. 6. Make a good shaped knot, flip it to side and devide the strands in 4 little piles made of 3 strands. Begin a braid. Take the right pile of strands and cross it over, the pile afterwards should be to the left side. Repeat for the left side. Great, you are making fishtail braid. Criss – cross and repeat, ending with the right pattern. 8. Continue till you use the whole fabric/desired length of necklace. 9. Use one of the strands to wrap it around the braid, and make a firm knot. 10. Use another strand and slide it on a junm ring.

diy steps for braided necklace

11. Cross the strand over and tie another knot, and the jump ring should now be on a loop of cotton12. Cutt ends, leaving only one strand. 13. Wrap one strand around, covering the cutted ends made of step 11. and step 13. 14. Tuck ends of the last strand thought the braid.

steps for making braided necklace for old t-shirt

15. Made the same procedure from 6 to 16 over again on the opposite side of the knot.

diy t-shirt braided necklace

16.Putt a clasp on one side. You have made your unique necklace!

Credits for this Watermark DIY T Shirt project goes here.

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