DIY T Shirt Braided Neckline- Day 7

I know that it too early to wear this t shirt, cause of winter season, but its never too late to prepare for hot summer. And of course the best thing to do is to reuse old t shirt, that your nowt going to wear it again, at least not in the way as the are. Here is another DIY T Shirt Braided Neckline project where in couple of steps you are going to make a plait neck and gorgeous new t shirt ready for summer parties.

diy t shirt braided neckline

DIY T Shirt Braided Neckline Project needs: one t shirt with long sleeves, scissor, sewing machine, iron.

whit t shirt long sleeves refashion

As many says picture is 1000 words worthy, just follow the pictures bellow and you’ll get the point of making this new refashioned t shirt.

First cut of the neck and the sleeves.

3 4

You’ll need six strips total to go all the way around your neck, so cut and then sew the pieces together and press.  You’ll end up with three loooong pieces 1.5″ wide.  Press the seams open.

5 6 7 8

Make the braid

braid from t shirt

Measure it on your neck and using pins pin it to the base so you can sea it.

10 11 12 13

Use some small part of the t shirt so you can sew above the ending of the braid and polish the final look.

14 15

Credits for this post goes to here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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