DIY T Shirt Braided Neckline Refashion – Day 10

I was already share one similar project, this is one is a bit different there is no sewing at all just cutting and pulling.

DIY T Shirt Braided Neckline Refashion Project needs: one t shirt, scissor, coordinating thread and needle, chuckle.

All steps are shown on the picture bellow. And the project goes like this. First lay down the t shirt, and mark little lines just under the neck, cut them and the first part cut the half as the other part, cause all the pulling will enlarge a bit. When all the cuts are ready we can start with braiding. To braid, take the strip # 2 and push it under strip #1. Pull the loop that is formed in the direction of the slits and push strip # 3 inside the loop, and so on.When your finished fasten the final loop to the t-shirt with a thread. If you find a little hole near the first loop, stitch it up a little.Sew the end easily using yarn in same color as the t shirt so it want be noticed.

diy T Shirt Braided Neckline Refashion

For this DIY T Shirt Braided Neckline Refashion project, credits  goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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