DIY T Shirt Dress in 3 Steps – Day 11

Today’s choice goes to one very simple project.It is about Diy T Shirt dress project making in just 3 steps.

DIY T Shirt Dress in 3 Steps Project needs: One t shirt, scissor, ribbon,needle and yarn.


All you need is to take the t shirt. Choose any color that you want. Follow the steps from the picture bellow to get the final look.


First step is to put the t shirt on you and do the measure, mark your dimension from the the shoulder to the stomach near the center. Second step is to lay the t shirt on flat surface and cut it on the place where you marked it. Next on the middle make small holes on both pieces. At the end use the ribbon to connect them just on the front side and let the back side drops by. You will get chic and interesting dress made it from t shirt that you did ‘t mean to wear at all.

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Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg

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