DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion – Day 16

This post i will dedicate to one interesting DIY project, indeed it is all about how to wear a t shirt as a dress without sewing and cutting. This DIY T Shirt project is easy project that i find out and i simple must share it with you. There is no requirements for sewing or cutting, simple the t shirt need to be bigger size and with long sleeves.

DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion Project needs: one t shirt on long sleeves and it just need to in bigger size.

And of course as always picture is more worthy than words here is how everything is going.


Try on the t shirt, in this example it is chosen to be big white t shirt. The point is to put into you in a way shown on the first picture. Wear it and place it just under the shoulders. Get the sleeves and tight across it behind on the back and bring them to the front. With the rest of it make some flower or improvise  some bowline.

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion project goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg

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