DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion – Day 8

This 8th day i will share some refashion idea of how to remodel your t shirt into a dress. Its a fancy and easy way DIY T shirt Dress refashion project made up in couple of steps. This one is also made with white t shirt, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use only white t shirt, make your choice, take your men t shirt, that you loved to wear it, and start wear it outside of home only. Put the jeans and high heel and enjoy the walk.

DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion Project needs: two t shirts, scissor, sewing machine.


First make the one t shirt which will be the upper part to be body slim, you can always try to take in, so you get proper fit looking. Cut the second t shirt at the top so you can get nice round. Place it at the bottom of the first one or on the appropriate level put it above and start sewing by making a gown. See it on the picture bellow. You are all done.


Credits for this post goes to here.

Enjoy your time:)

Yours Meg.

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