DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion – Day 38

This DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion tutorial is very simple one. Only two steps for making a nice dress from men tall xl shirt.The whole point of making the dress is just to put the shirt on you inside out. Use some pins to pinned near the body. Than sew it by following the pinned lines. And viola, you are ready to wear it a nice fancy dress.

DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion project needs: one man tall xl shirt, pins, sewing machine.

So before and after picture for making this kind of dress are shown bellow:


diy-t-shirt-dress-refashion-after diy-t-shirt-dress-refashion-after-blue

If the shirt is too long, than you can cut off to proper length. With some leftover fabric, if any, as option you can make a belt as shown on the last picture.

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Dress Refashion tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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