DIY T Shirt Dress Remodel – Day 13

I don’t know for you girls, but at my place i have so many t shirt from my man, and I’m happy every time I found some DIY project with using exactly my mans t shirt . There are too many that are not wearing anymore, and the are still new. So here me again posting interesting DIY T Shirt Dress Remodel project in just couple of steps.

DIY T Shirt Dress Remodel Project needs: man t shirt, scissor, sewing machine,some pins, tank top as a pattern, chalk.

diy t shirt dress remodel final

The first step is to take the t shirt and place it on the flat surface. Turn the t shirt upside down to utilize the solid color.

diy t shirt dress remodel 11

Than use a tank top as a pattern. Put it above the the shirt and draw horizontal lines.


diy t shirt dress remodel 3


Separate the top, from the bottom of the shirt.Cut along the chalk line you mark for the upper part and leave a bit extra to where you are going to sew the edges, otherwise it will be to small.Leave the neck line of course.

FS6N9AUGY4R8ZPM diy t shirt dress remodel upper part

Next turn the top part of the dress right side out, then insert the top into the bottom part, right sides facing and pin

diy t shirt dress remodel 1

As the top part is obviously smaller than the bottom part so I made some pleats. After you are finished sew the edges following the pins, but of course remove the pins before sewing, just to protect from not braking the needle.

Than try it on to see if there is any need to make some extra pleats. Tan from the pieces that left over make one long to be the side ruffle item. Sew it just along the side of the dress,  neck-hole and before sewing it measure it to see if you want some extra parts or you wan to be less ruffled.

And that’s all, your are finished and ready to wear your old men T Shirt.

Credits for this DIY T Shirt Dress remodel post goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.

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