DIY T Shirt Dress Remodel- Day 25

Again never-ending stories are tutorials for DIY T Shirt Dress remodel. So continuing talking about this I hereby share another project for making a nice dress from your old oversize t shirt. Of course ours men t shirt are always welcome in this kind of projects. Actually i think in any kind of project they are more than welcomed 🙂 The good point in this is that either way you are not wearing that oversize t shirt. So if you are not going to success in the steps no additional damage from it, you are going to rid from it as it was in your first plan.

DIY T Shirt Dress Remodel Project needs: oversize t shirt, scissor, elastic thread, some pins and sewing machine.

The steps for this DIY T Shirt Dress remodel  tutorial are shown on the picture bellow.

diy t shirt remodel before and after

First cut of the sleeves and sew it again with making them a bit smaller.




Than you are going to get the look as the picture bellow


Next step is to do the measure on you. The simplest way is to take the elastic thread and measure the length in proper dimension just bellow the bra line, as shown on the picture bellow.



Than sew the elastic thread on the marked area.Also for more nice look you can add some elastic thread on the sleeves


And the final look is shown bellow.


The credits for this DIY T Shirt Dress Remodel tutorial goes here.

Enjoy your time.

Yours Meg.


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